Six Mental health benefits of yoga

Many people are accustomed to the physical health benefits of yoga such as muscle strength and flexibility but not so many people are aware of the mental benefits. This is because little is said concerning psychological benefits of yoga. There are numerous scientific studies that prove the positive effect that yoga does to the brain which increases the well being of a person. It is ironic that many yogis don’t know this positive effects even though they experience them on their daily lives. With that being said, the following are the outstanding mental and psychological health benefits of yoga.

Yoga helps to counter depression and anxiety

Yoga activities such as socialization, meditation, exercise and relaxation has significantly helped to reduce depression and anxiety. A research done by Harvard University indicates that yoga has the ability to regulate and help one to respond well to stress. Yoga’s ability to reduce high blood pressure, anxiety and quick heart beat is very essential in stress management plan. In addition, good respiration that is caused by yoga is very tactful when overcoming depression. Yoga is very economical compared to other treatments for depression and anxiety. Another advantage is that yoga works effectively compared to other therapies for stress management.

Yoga improves your psychological well being

meditative yoga for increased health and lesser stress

Have you lost hope in life? Feeling like the entire world is against you or are you feeling that what you are going through is too much to bear? If so, then you should consider taking yoga classes on a regular basis. Unhealthy feeling is the main cause of failure especially among youths. According to British Psychological Society, yoga is the concentration of the body, mind and breath that helps to relieve anxiety and worries. When you get into a yoga class, you don’t come out the same. After yoga, tension and stress becomes a null issue. A person who exercises yoga has a great ability to manage stress and is always psychologically healthy. One especially effective type of yoga is Bikram Yoga, which you can read more about on this page: bikram yoga in Scottsdale

Reduction of traumatic experiences

People who have been sexually abused or military personnel who have come back home from war in foreign territories tend to experience post traumatic stress disorder. Some of the symptoms of this mental illness are horrifying flash backs and nightmares. However, hatha yoga which involves physical exercises has the ability to control and reduce traumatic experiences. According to American Psychological Association, yoga has been very instrumental to counter this mental illness where pharmacological therapies have failed.

Improving concentration and memory

Sometimes you may find it hard to concentrate on your daily activities especially in your job. However, no need to worry when you lose

outdoor yoga

concentration because yoga has the ability to increase concentration and memory. Dharana is a branch of yoga that focuses on boosting memory and concentration by calming your senses and removing static noise around you. This enables you to think clearly, remember things and become more productive.

Yoga prevents the occurrence of mental health conditions

Many mental disorders are known to begin when someone attains puberty. It has become hard for psychologist to counter the occurrence of this issue in teenagers. This is because there are no medications to stop a person at his or adolescence age form mental illness.

Yoga has proven to counter the possibility of getting mental illness among teenagers. Study done by the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics showed that a Kripalu yoga PE class helps teenagers to develop better moods, anger control and lower anger and anxiety levels. And this has been one of the main factors that have been boosting the mental condition of many teenagers.


Continuous exercise of yoga has helped many to be consciously aware of their body. During yoga classes, a random person is chosen to lead some of the poses and movements. This enables one to improve on his or her alignment. In addition, this routine helps one to improve his fitness and physique which build up confidence and self esteem in the long run.