Long distance personal trainer courses


You may want to take personal trainer courses but you have not enrolled to any fitness program because you have limited time to attend classes. This however should not deter you from taking personal training course. It is now possible to take long distance training in fitness related areas like with other courses.  A distance learning personal trainer course can be online or offline. The difference between is the two is that for offline course, you receive course materials by postal or courier service. You will get personal fitness learning materials in physical paper format at your home location. Distance training provides you the advantage of learning the course on your own schedule and move at your own pace.  It is therefore not much different from online learning program.

How it works

An educational institution offering distance personal trainer courses has a number of faculty members to assist students in their learning process. Personal training tutors have the responsibility to help students. They are industry experts and provide required support in learning initiative.

There are a number of learning institutions in countries like US, UK and Australia offering distance learning programs to aspiring personal trainers and are accredited by national licensing authorities. Various institutions like professional associations, fitness facilities and governing bodies in fitness industry recognize distance learning courses.

Long distance personal trainer courses can also be received through a combination of online and offline resources.

The first few lessons will be posted online including a question paper. After you complete the coursework, you can send your answers through email or fax. Your tutors will gauge your performance before sending back their feedback and next lessons. 380 to go

coachee fitnessAssessment of coursework

Personal training tutors assess coursework on continuous basis.  As a long distance trainee, you must submit answers to their questions at the end of each fitness lesson before you get started on next lesson. The lesson for this kind of learning structure is to ensure that students learn their materials properly and that the tutor can monitor progress students make and give advice where necessary. The course work is designed to teach students the way to apply concepts learnt to practical situations they encounter in personal training business.

Support by the tutors

If you get a good school, you should have direct access to your tutor so that you can ask questions and get the necessary feedback.  Make sure that you find out about accessibility of your tutors because it would be of no use to be taught by someone who you cannot reach easily.  Luckily, most of the tutors for personal trainers are professionals who are dedicated to help students succeed.

 Practical training 

Most of the long distance training institutions offer practical training with course agenda as an option. Practical training sessions can be held on certain days throughout calendar year at a specified location. The practical sessions are a chance for you to apply what you have learned in real life situation as your tutors watch. The hands on experience you gain come in handy when you want to pursue more advanced qualifications or start practicing.

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Most institutions offering long distance personal trainer courses are members of various professional bodies. Student might also be eligible to make membership applications to other professional fitness associations depending on their training institutions.  There are some training institutions accredited with bodies that allow students to have an insurance coverage for their businesses as personal trainers.

Long distance personal trainer courses are popular among students because they get a flexible way of learning at a comfortable pace. If you are interested in personal training but have other commitments as well, long distance learning is good for you. It gives you freedom to balance educational and other personal interests. The good thing with long distance learning programs is that you can enroll at any month of the year because intakes take place all months ends