How the HCG diet works for weigh loss

Weight loss is something is often pursued at a cost. One of the methods that has been recommended is by the use of the HCG hormones. It is currently considered one of the fastest ways that one can use to reduce weight. This is because if the impressive ability to do so in as short a time as a day. The HCG is a hormone that is used in the determination of the pregnancy test by looking for the traces that are present in the urine. For weight loss is usually used to metabolize fat and use the energy.

The uses of the human chorionic gonadotropin in male and female body remember to take breaks outside

The pure form of the HCG hormone is known as the glycoprotein. This is basically some mass of amino acids. It is usually characteristics for women to produce the hormone during pregnancy and is important in carrying through the pregnancy to its term. It allows the body to use the fat to produce energy that can be able to sustain both the fetus and the mother. However it is also produces in low level in both un-pregnant women and also in men. In men it is produced by the male testicles and is usually used with the testosterone in support of normal adolescent purpose. It can also be used as the indicators of tumor development which is a sign of growth of some cancerous cells.

How it is used in the control of weight

It is usually used along with a calorie diet in getting rid of some excess fat cells. The normal HCG injections are normally used with vitamin B12. This process usually allows the body to distribute the effects, which is elimination of the fat cells, towards the fat cells and not the muscle tissue. As a result there is the maintenance of the body muscle cells without utilizing the nutrients from the remaining cells. This initiated the process by which the fats in the body in broken down to provide energy which then lead to the loss of weight.

What is the HCG weight loss diet?

Within the limit of a diet of between 500-800 calories daily you can be able to loss up to a pound a day with the HCG injections (such as simply slim hcg hormone drops ) . There is usually emphasizes that the diet have high protein content, less fat and also less carbohydrates. Proteins are usually a good source of energy that can be used in the maintenance of the muscles tissue and cells to ensure that you remain strong throughout the day. This can within some 8 week be able to reset the metabolism rate to the new diet plan that you have been taking. After which then you can be able to continue with the plan to ensure that you maintain the weight that you have.

skim the calories on the hcg diet

How much weight can you lose?

This usually varies from one individual to another this is because it is there are also other determinants. In most of the case you can be able to lose between 1-2 pounds a day and with the lower limit of ½ pound per day. In some of the days you can also be able to lose more than 2 pounds. This usually is more stable in men who in most cases will lose 1 pound and even on the subsequent days. The first week is considered the period where there is likely to be the highest weight loss. Therefore you should use it as bench mark for the other weeks. It is therefore important that you follow the diet strictly during the first week.

The common side effect of HCG injections

Although they can be harder to trace in women, some of the often reported side effects of the HCG include; menstrual irregularities, development of acne, lower pain and also breast tenderness. Since they are used when on low diet some the other side effects may also include; headaches, bloating and irritability.